Help for Starting Online Music School?

I’m looking to create a website to advertise my music teaching business, MurphCraft Academy.

I already have the domain name and a work-in-progress site.

Does anybody have any experience building websites that can offer me some advice? I don’t have the capital to hire a web developer so I’m trying to get the site up and running by myself.

What sorts of pages do I need?

Here is some background that may help: The idea is that I can direct people to the site where they can find free music resources (maybe sheet music, tabs, free tips and tricks, pre-recorded video lessons, that kind of thing), as well as information on scheduling lessons/pricing. If someone is interested, they can sign up for monthly lessons (I use PayPal), and the lessons will be done through Zoom, as I’ve found the latency and audio quality of Zoom to be better than other options.

What sort of pages do I need to run a professional business? How do I format the pages on the site if my main income is coming from using Zoom (completely outside of the website)?

Anyone with experience offering advice would be greatly appreciated!

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