How should I start with Facebook Ads?

I have an e-commerce company that specializes in carbon fiber tuning parts for BMWs and Mercedes. Our main source of income is eBay, however I want to prioritize our new website. The products that we have are up-to-par, the website was recently renewed and I feel that I have the foundation to start using Ads to promote sales.

Now, I have a promotional video ready showcasing our products on client's vehicle, however I don't really know where should I start with Ads.

Should I promote it locally, as we have a workshop where we do fittings as well or just promote for more website purchases?

Is anything as less as 5$/day for an ad worth it to even start FB ads?

Should I start in checking what targeting is better with 1$/day for a couple days and then change the targeting?

Thank you for your answers.

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