I’ve created Facebook Ads that have doubled leads at half the ad spend. Want me to look at your worst performing Facebook Ad and rewrite it for you for free? [only 10 ppl max]

TSIA, but for more context…

I'm a Facebook Ad copywriter and occasionally I like to help fellow Redditors out by rewriting their Facebook Ad to bring in more engagement (clicks, mostly) and ultimately more sales. It's always a blast and helps me raise my profile, even though I do it for free.

I've done this over and over for all kinds of clients and I'd love to do the same for you.

Reply below if you're interested or DM me instead.

No catch – just building my Karma and keeping myself dialled in and disciplined. Obviously, if I do a great job, that could lead to working together, but it's not a requirement and there's no expectation.

I can only do this for 10 ppl. First come, first served.

Let's do this!

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