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Hi all,

So for a long while now I've been researching a route to creating my own e-commerce website. I've dabbled with Shopify a few times but never really followed through with anything – until now.

So I found a selection of products that were cheap to buy and from everything I'd looked at, they were items that people bought. Plenty of sales on Amazon, other websites too. It could be that they were over-saturated, but I'd only bought a small number of units (max 50) so was pretty confident I'd be able to sell them.

I spent a few weeks sorted the site out and I've been running FB ads since Friday last week, just £5 per day max spend on each product (there are 3).

Fast-forward to now, and I haven't made any sales, and possibly 3 ATC!! I've had just over 1,000 visits to my site through the FB ads, and I feel like they've gone quite well (average 0.06 CPC). It's a cold audience, so I was planning on creating LLA – but obviously its helpful when I have some actions (ATC/Checkout etc) to base them from! I've had 3 signups on my website. Site performance is clearly the problem. First off, please don't comment on the rest of the site at the moment. I know the home page could be improved. The fact is, people are generally bouncing straight away from the product pages anyway, so I'm not too concerned about that yet.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate constructive comments. Vast majority of users are on mobile devices. There must be something glaringly bad that I'm just missing. Appreciate your thoughts!

one of my products

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