Migration Steps


I have developed a Magento 2 replacement for my current Volusion site. The Volusion site has been live for 6 years. My deployment time was moved up with Volusion a recent 700% price increase.

My biggest concern right now: google

He’s my proposed migration plan. Not sure if it makes sense.

1) the new website is a multi site so we have 2 different domains. I am thinking of launching the second site parallel to the existing site. (Hopefully giving google 2 weeks to possibly pick up the second site.

2) export my site map from Volusion and create URL rewrites for all pages on the existing site.

3) switch the primary domain

4) profit?

I have a web developer that I’ve been working with, however it’s been a little grey on how this part of the process works. Wondering if I’m missing anything or any other things I might want to think of.


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