Best free/low-cost shop? Etsy vs WooCommerce vs PrestaShop vs Square vs Weebly?

EDIT: Also considering OpenCart! Forgot that one

Hi there. I’m looking to open up a clothing shop online – not exactly sure how many products (5-20+). I’ve been googling for hours on best websites to host it on and have narrowed it down to these 5. (I know Etsy isn’t exactly the same as the others, but I included it in case anyone had an opinion).

The shop is based in Canada and I’m looking for the best free or lowest cost website. I don’t have any coding or web design experience but I can learn.

Also, if anyone knows of any of these that don’t have their name affixed to the end of the link (eg. pls let me know! I can’t seem to find any info about stuff like that on the websites.

Any advice is helpful 🙂

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