How should I invest USD20k in a new e-commerce venture?

Hi all,

Would really appreciate your thought and insights. I'm fed up with Amazon and FBA and am looking for something else to do.

I'm leaning towards a clean break and trying new products as well as new channels. Basically starting from scratch.

The goal is to generate a consistent $3-4k profit per month by the end of the year.

I've looked into POD, dropshipping, and maybe private labeling something new selling through Shopify / WordPress. I've a basic understanding of how these work and the associated pros/cons. but would appreciate your insights.

My strengths & experience: Some capital, loads of free time, identifying niches/microniches, product research, keyword research, personas, negotiation, branding, optimised listings. I'm ok at customer relationships.

Areas I need to learn / improve: Driving my own traffic, fulfilling my own products (not looking forward to this at all). I'm not too worried about how to set up the shop itself.

Any advice?

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