Is it possible to run an online shop with the e-commerce (Shopify) platform only?

So my company wants me to help with the client's online shop that is based on Shopify. We are supposed to run the online shop but without any additional warehouse or accounting software, which I'm used to.

Now, is it even possible? Is it possible to generate invoices and receipts in Shopify? Can you somehow connect Shopify to the fiscal printer without any 3rd party software? To make the situation worse, I'm based in european country, so I'm wondering – even if there are some invoices add-ons for Shopify, those invoices probably meet the US standards (or the ones from any bigger countries), not mine.

I will be helpful for any clarification, because I'm still wondering if I should try to make it work on its own somehow or tell to my superiors that the whole idea is really bad.

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