Connect multiple IG accounts to one FB Biz Page OR multiple IG accts to one Wix catalog

I have a wix website where I sell both vintage clothing and naturally dyed pieces. I currently have integrated my entire wix domain/site via pixel with my vintage instagram/fb so that I can tag products on IG.

I have a separate IG for my dyed pieces, and I want to know if there is a way to link that IG to the same website catalog, more specifically, to a specific shop category.

It doesn't seem that I can link multiple instagram accounts to one business fb page, and i don't know if I can connect multiple fb pixels to one wix page, it doesn't seem possible as the wix integration manager only has space for one connected IG.

I would like to avoid manually uploading my dyed catalog to fb and selling them directly off there. Would also like to avoid making an entirely new website. Any suggestions are very appreciated, thanks !

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