I am losing it.

In my spare time I've been working on my own webshop. I was passionate about selling my own design of accessoires and building a brand around it. After spending a lot of time and effort to get the right product. I found a supplier on Alibaba.

After discussing the design, moq, pricing and buying various samples to get the right design I was finally ready to launch my store.

we agreed he could dropship for the first year and we'd discuss buying bulk after year 1. I was so excited for my first order and immediately put the order through to my supplier. That was 2,5 weeks ago. He hasn't replied ever since..

The idea of spending all that time and money into a webstore that is now useless.. It really put me down. Up to the point that I just want to delete the website and give up on a side hustle.

Did any of you have had simmilar experiences like this?

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