Does showing your face everywhere significantly increase sales, or does showing it only on the product page for when a sale needs to be made have the same effect?

I've noticed that videos or website where it's a person rather than a brand who provides "free" products, usually though not always, I tend to feel more guilty and down to buy a product because there's a face to who I'm taking from, so now I feel more for the person. If you add on a sincere face and actions that show consideration, my chances of buying it shoot up as well.

The point of mentioning this is that I'm in the works of making videos with my voice (not my face), and offering value to my target audience through my brand. However, the brand is based off of an idea or value, rather than me as a character who is bringing forth that idea.

The only place where I plan to humanize myself is in my introduction page for my channel and website, maybe the end of my videos very briefly, and the story section of my brand. Additionally, I'm only planning on using my face in my product landing page to humanize the brand even more and increase conversion rates, while minimizing the spread of my face by smacking it over everything in case the brand kicks off.

By minimizing how much I use my face, could this potentially decrease conversion rates for sales? Or, if the value of the product is there, will it not really make much of a difference, if at all? So long as my story and the perception of authenticity of my brand is there, will it work the same?

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