Taking Pre-orders with charging credit card later

I own a collectibles store and things operate on a limited edition pre order basis. Things come out every month and a typical wait time is 30 days although 60, 90 and 120+ are also not unheard of.

What I require is a payments provider that lets me take an authorization for payment and charge 1 or more months later when the product arrives. Nearly every other player in the niche has this feature.

Shopify has been very unhelpful and just proposes stupid janky workarounds like invoicing customers manually and using third party layaway payment providers which is not really what i want. Is this at all feasible using shopify or do I need to switch? Have been having many other issues with Shopify so swapping might be a consideration If i find another cart that checks all the boxes.

I do like Shopify because I have hundreds, will eventually be thousands, of SKUs so ease of adding products and taking pictures is a must. eBay integration is also a requirement which shopify offers, although it's very rudimentary. If possible to reasonably do this in Shopify that would be ideal.

I have a computing science degree so a high amount of technical knowledge requirement/setup is acceptable.

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