Brand new to this, looking to sell a product as a group-buy with dynamic pricing.


So this is the first time I have tried to sell something on the internet as/for a business. I mocked up a machined part, to which my uncle was able to make. I then was able to draw considerable interest to this item to the point where I have a multitude of people who would like to buy it. However, to make this happen, we want to run a pre-order campaign for 2-4 weeks so we can gauge interest. If we do not hit our minimum, this will not happen. Since this is a machined part, and we do not have the materials on-hand, or the willingness to front the money on a gamble in this economy.

It would make sense to setup a group buy so that we can limit the material costs with bulk pricing to allow us to sell this at a lower cost. I would like to be able to setup dynamic pricing so that if we hit certain goals, it lowers the price for each individual user.

Now here is the catch. We do not have a website currently, and that I think is out of the equation for the time being, so I was hoping that there is a 3rd party website/seller that would basically handle the payment processing and pre-orders for a fee, then send us a check along with all of the pre-orders and user information so we can fulfil.

Essentially a massdrop like site where we can post our product.

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