How can I automate and scale my custom portrait business?

I run a custom portrait business and I've done well so far when it comes to consistant orders. I do want to either automate it so I can pursue another similiar project, or scale because I want to be making %50 more when it comes to profit. I also face the problem that the designer I work with is limited when it comes to orders per week so I have to that into consideration too.

The process is as follows:

  1. Customer sends us the photo to be customized.
  2. I send the photo to a comissioned graphic designer and he sends a watermarked copy to be approved.
  3. I send it to the customer to be approved.
  4. If it is I have to contact the printing and fulfillment company I work with (they don't have a website and take orders by Whatsapp.)
  5. I send them the order and they arrange printing the illustration on canvas and delivery.

There's alot of back and forth and I was wondering what you would automate or eliminate first? Some people have suggested I eliminate the approval process to cut time but I'm happy to make sure nobody gets an illustration they don't want. I have had zero complaints when it comes to the artwork or delivery time so far.

I've considered a website but it seems unecessary at this point and wouldn't automate much, really. My demographic is more keen towards communicating directly with me for orders rather than using online stores anyway.

Any suggestions?

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