Looking for feedback/advice on my store website (new to ecommerce)

Hello! My name's Cameron, I am very new to ecommerce and I'm seeking some advice on my store.

For some context, I'm a 16 year old content creator on YouTube creating Kalimba (thumb piano) tutorials, reviews and covers. My subscriber count is just below 23K, and as such I've decided to try my luck selling Kalimbas online using Shopify using my YouTube channel as the main promotion platform. My product range currently consists of 3 instruments from Gecko Kalimba (the largest Kalimba manufacturer in the market). I am able to sell at a lower price than what is normally available elsewhere since I am in close communication with their sales department and I am working off of a drop shipping model.

My problem is that I have an extremely low conversion rate: my store has been open for a week and I have only achieved one sale. I drive a decent amount of traffic to my site (around 50 sessions a day) through promotion on my own social media platforms, but I cannot seem to convert this into sales. I aim to grow my online business and generate more sales, and as such my main question is:

what am I doing right & wrong on the website?

Any feedback is well appreciated. Thanks for your time 🙂

Store Link:

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