What do you use to run your business – phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop?

I am just about to start my business, and my laptop sucks. It's a basic Dell I only needed for school work and internet and it's pretty slow. I can see frustrations coming. However, I am considering getting the regular iPad that comes with the keyboard, and using that for most things. But I'm wondering if that will work or if I'll find it's lacking in certain areas.

My business is an ecommerce home goods store. So I'll need the Microsoft Office suite/equivalent, internet, I'll be using Shopify and some apps through them for order management, shipping, inventory tracking, etc. I don't anticipate using a ton of other software systems, most things will be web-based.

It looks like the label printer I want will work with an iPad. And I'll still use my laptop and printer for certain things I may need to print and for uploading my product photos.

Please tell me what I'm not thinking of, or if you think the iPad could work. Since it's pretty affordable, I'd love to go that route.

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