Any suggestions on what eCommerce platform is good to use when just starting out and want to make your site more unique than others?

There are so many options out there and there are always new platforms popping up and I am not sure which ones to use. Many people recommend WordPress, Squarespace, or Shopify. A friend recommended Weebly as a cheap alternative. The issue I have is that I am starting my business and I do not want my site to look like every other ecommerce site. I want it to look unique and even though I have some of the technical skills I also don't want to spend an excessive amount of time building my site. I also don't want to create my site and then have to later end up spending more money on plugins or fixing it. I don't mind spending the money if I know it is going to be worth it in the long run. I would ideally really like to host my site using AWS but I don't think Shopify and Squarespace allows you to do so and WordPress I am not really a fan of it. My dad uses it for his online/physical store and it is just too slow but only uses it because this web developer he hired at first recommended it to him and created that way. I was thinking of maybe even trying out the Shopify API but I have no idea how that works.

I plan to first start out selling home linens such as towels, tablecloth, bedding, robes, sleepwear and aprons then I plan to eventually expand to jewelry, cosmetics (just eye shadow and lip balms then some body products like body wash and cream) , candles, and beachwear.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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