Honest Review of Dropshipping

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Ok, this will be an honest a proper review of the entire dropshipping game, so if you are interested in starting one, read through this before you decide to go all in. I have no intentions to make money, so I won't link or recommend any thing here, just my honest thought from starting my own dropshipping business.

Firstly, Drop shipping courses are a SCAM. These so called Gurus on their blogs and YouTube channels do not know anything. They are just trying to make a quick buck by selling you cheap and easy to produce content which will not help you at all. You can get better info for free by doing a little bit of research. So I repeat DO NOT pay for any drop shipping courses, no matter what the "gurus" say.

Secondly, drop shipping is not a guaranteed money making tactic. There is a high chance your business will not make it's money back, ever. However I want to make it clear, you can make money from drop shipping and many people are doing so, but it's not a guaranteed way to make money and it will be very difficult.

Next, when you start drop shipping use free plans and trials, so you can actually see if you want to go all in or not. Try not to buy top plans and if anything looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Furthermore I recommend you don't spend a lot of money on setting up your website initially as things change and your product or website may become redundant very quickly, so spend less in the website so you have money to pivot.

Also saving money on setting up will help you have capital to spend on marketing. Drop shipping is a marketing business, this is where most people mess up, by doing wrong marketing. This also means do not over spend on marketing, spend small amounts testing different ad methods and audiences that work. Do not spend hundreds of dollars on ads. 5$ ads testing can lead to better results.

Finally, go in with the mentality of it will be difficult so you must treat the business as a business, not a get rich quick scheme. So put in the time, effort and do you research before and during your drop shipping business.

Good Luck – an ex drop shipper

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