How to create an online form that can display data from a spreadsheet after user verification?

I have this issue that I'd hope Reddit will be able to help me with!

The workflow is as such:

  1. I currently have a spreadsheet containing email address, mobile number, and order details (e.g. design, size, quantity) for a sale. However, this sale did not go through successfully due to Covid-19.
  2. Now that the situation has improved, we expect the sale to kickstart again. It's been about 4 months since, so we want our users to confirm their orders again.
  3. They will go into the form / portal, key in their email address and mobile number, and then the form / portal will retrieve their order details from the spreadsheet, and display it to the user. Note: If they key in an invalid email address and mobile number, they will be directed to a page that tells them to email us so we can check on it manually. However, most of the users should have no problems entering the correct email address and mobile number.
  4. They can review their order, or edit it if necessary (e.g. add or remove orders).
  5. They will then book a collection timeslot with us.
  6. They submit the form and we receive the responses.

Is there a Google Forms workaround (e.g. scripts – if so, will anybody be able to help point me to some code snippets specific to my use case / provide some code for me to work on?), or another form/survey creation tool that can achieve this purpose? Or a free/low cost e-commerce solution that will be able to achieve the above?

If all else fails, I might have to resort to a mail-merge to email the 300+ individuals and collate responses manually – which seems like a bit of a chore, and hence the reason for this post to see if you guys have an automated solution for this.

Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂 Greatly appreciate it!

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