Platform Recommendation? Focus: SEO and large catalog of 50k+ products

Hey Reddit!

At the very beginning of a big project of upgrading my company's website.

We already have a solid 1st page ranking website with basic ecommerce functionality but no CMS. Looking to do a big overhaul over the next 6 months and are exploring platform options.

We currently only sell about 50k dollars through our shopping cart in a year but are hoping to expand that greatly. Small product catalog atm of only about 200 products. We are looking to expand that to over 50k products. We are an equipment company and sell our machines online, but not our parts. Parts will be what we are adding.

Current host is with a dedicated server and we have great user metrics for load times etc.

So we want a solution that can support a large amount of products and allows for all the basic SEO like custom titles and links and product pages and load speeds.

Where should I start looking?

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