Woocommerce Question: Shopping Cart Functionality (WordPress Plugin)

Hello, /r/ecommerce!

I have a small blog, adding one small (low margin) item for sale. So not an "ecommerce site" by any means. I just need a free plugin to do what I need.

I think Woocommerce handles the basic shopping cart functionality, but there are a couple of things I want that it may not be able to do (at least from the settings I'm looking at):

Newsletter subscription. Optional signup for emails Discount for bulk ordering. As in one item is $5, but order 10 and they're $4 each, order 25 and they're $3 each, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm not stuck on Woocommerce, but because I'm looking at like $1 profit per item here, I don't think I can invest in a paid solution.

Thank you!

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