How I Fell in Love with My Cable Company in the Time of COVID-19

I have a confession. I’ve fallen in love with my cable company.

Over the last six months, I’ve become increasingly dependent on my internet connection. It’s become absolutely fundamental to my work-from-home, social-distanced existence. Without my WiFi, I couldn’t work, given that my office is now in my home. And if I couldn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills and buy food. Without my WiFi, I couldn’t watch all of those shows and documentaries everyone is talking about around the proverbial Zoom water cooler every Monday morning (although did we all really need to watch Tiger King?).

Like any good love story, though, our relationship had a moment of doubt. When my cable company sent me a letter and an email to say that my modem would be proactively disabled on July 16, I panicked. To replace the old modem, they would send a new one that I would self-install. I began checking my mail daily for the package. As the days ticked by and I hadn’t received my modem, I started to worry.

Let the affair begin

As July 16 came and went, I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached out to their service team across every digital channel I could think of. I went to the website and engaged with the virtual assistant and scrolled through their knowledge base. I only found general information that wasn’t specific to my case. So, unwilling to pick up the phone (because who really wants to use the phone?), I went to the social sphere and direct messaged them on Twitter. And wouldn’t you know it, within minutes, I had a response.

The rep confirmed that my package had been shipped on July 2, and they had emailed me with the tracking number. Something was obviously amiss, but I couldn’t go back and forth endlessly knowing that impending doom was near because my modem was going to be disabled and my virtual world would come crashing down any moment.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, the cable company’s Twitter rep suggested they send a field technician to install the new modem free of charge that very afternoon. BINGO!

I was given a one-hour service window. As the appointment time approached, I received a text message with a link to track my technician. The app showed an estimate of how long it would be until the technician arrived. It also had a map so I could watch in real-time as he got closer to my home. It was genius.

Lo and behold, the technician arrived at the top of my one-hour service window, armed and ready with my new modem in hand. Bet you didn’t see that plot twist coming. Within 20 minutes of his arrival, I was back up and running with my new trusty modem. No downtime…no waiting…no disconnection from the outside world. I could watch Tiger King on repeat, if I wanted.

Instead, I celebrated that night by streaming Hamilton for the third time. What are you streaming now?

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