Hypothetical Marketing Conundrum – What would you do?

Here's the scenario:

You have an account on an e-commerce site where customers have to register before they can see the products or the prices on the site. All products are consumables, brand name, and the prices are extremely low.

You only have 2 customers. One makes purchases weekly, the other makes purchases monthly. Marketing is necessary. You need to grow.

This website has strict advertising rules.

What is not allowed: You can not pay for online ads. No links in blogs. You cannot even make posts on social media that link to your products or store. You also can't publicly discuss prices of your products.

What is allowed: Linking to your store in emails or private messages. Linking to the store on your health-related business website (if you have one).

It should be easy to get people to want to use your store. The products are consumable (customers repurchase every month to 6 months) and people buying the exact same product from other retailers are paying 15 – 30% more than what they would at your site.

How would you proceed with marketing? What would your plan be to navigate the advertising restrictions?

Thanks so much if you read the whole post – I'm sure there are some creative people out there with good ideas. I have my own answers to this puzzle, but I won't share them quite yet…want to hear what others think first!

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