Need Email Sales Copy?

Hey r/ecommerce,

Alright, so I'm just gonna lay this out for y'all cut and dry. I've been studying copywriting and writing my own specs part-time for a little under a year now while finishing college (Class of COVID!), and am looking to get some real experience for a modest fee.

I'm offering to write 3 emails for a flat fee of $100.

So, whether you need some good ole engaging content to revitalize a dormant list, sales copy for a new line of products, emails for your autoresponder sequence, or a mix n' match of all three; I'm your gal.

If you're interested shoot me a pm.

Also, for disclosure's sake, I will be requesting a 40% upfront & 60% upon completion to keep us both accountable.

As always, take care of yourselves out there.


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