Colleagues want to build a webshop quick and dirty, I want to hire an agency. Help!

Colleagues are cheapskates that don't want to invest in a quality webshop. They want me to build a quick and dirty fix in ZOHO Commerce, but I am not convinced by this webshop builder.

Some background information:

  • I just started a new job in a Start up/Scale-up as a online marketer a month a go.
  • I am by no means a web developer or web designer (I can make nice mockups/wireframes).
  • We are selling a quite expensive product, more than €10 000 per product. The past months they haven't been selling much, but now people are starting to buy again.
  • Customers can place a reservation through the webshop by paying €450.
  • The goal is to sell +/-150 products per month, but we can only start delivering the products from december an onwards due to shipping time from Asia.
  • A lot of money has been spent on 'marketing consultancy', and they don't want to spend more money unless it's necessary.

I need some advice on how to convince my colleagues that we should be serious about the webshop. Because the website/webshop is a mess!

  • It loads extremely slow on mobile, I've tried to replace huge image with compressed ones, but it does not help much.
  • There is NO evident USP/value proposition anywhere (I am working on this).
  • There are 8 different CTA's on the front page. (working on this as well)
  • You have to click through quite a few pages to get to see the product/price.
  • It's not completely secure (we have SSL, but no security headers & have some outdated Jquery(?)).
  • Business and consumers see the same checkout form even though they have to fill in different information.
  • The site is not optimized for SEO!
  • The site is bilingual, but sometimes the translation does not show.
  • The shopping cart and checkout page is in a slightly different design than the rest of the webshop.

The website/webshop was built by the former IT guy, who clearly didn't know much about ecommerce, marketing or security. I'm trying to do some quick fixes, but everytime i fix something, something else falls apart.

I've tried to tell them that these are serious issues and that in order to sell we need a well functioning webshop, not some make-do temporary solution. They want me to quickly build a new webshop in ZOHO Commerce (because we use ZOHO business suite for our CRM, Emails etc). I don't have any experience with ZOHO Commerce, and I am not convinced that this drag and drop website builder will work for our business model.

They think an agency is too expensive (approximately €15-30k), and they want to sell more products before we invest in a new website.

I was hired for online marketing, but I'm only fixing bugs on the website! How can I convince them to invest in quality?

Please note, english is not my native language.

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