Making the switch to a larger e-commerce platform. Which do you recommend?

As our company expands, we're searching for an e-commerce platform that can keep up with our needs.

We manufacture cannabis processing equipment and sell to cannabis facilities in the US and Canada.

Were looking for a platform that has NMI processing integration, XPO shipping as an option, offline order capabilities (wire transfer, checks, money orders) and shareable carts.

I've been trialing Shopify, Big Commerce, and Americommerce.

Shopify doesn't allow NMI processing, Big Commerce is $$$$$ for the Enterprise plan (but has everything we need, plus more), and it appears that Americommerce has the payment/shipping we need.

I'm trying to get some feedback and suggestions on what the best solution is for our company. I'd love to hear your experiences, especially if you have products with higher price points.

TLDR: Growing company in the B2B cannabis industry looking for recommendations for an e-commerce solution.

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