Shopify, Woocommerce and beyond

I've been using shopify and for the most part I don't have much to complain about the service, save a few limitations which prompted me to try new platforms.

Shopify: 1. Everything is a subscription app. You can't exactly modify many things than the default that's available to you without subscribing to another closed source app 2. Closed source SaaS at the mercy of shopify. Can't change anything apart from the theme. I've had issues with their order system showing unnecessary notifications about unfulfilled orders and it has been a recurring issue for over half a decade. 3. Themes are only as flexible as the subscription apps allow eg subscription page builders. (also closed source) 4. Fast load speeds and good delivery globally though , so that's good.

I've recently tested out woocommerce and found that it is way more flexible without having to spend on subscriptions and paid themes/plugins before even getting started. Not only that, I get full sovereignty and ownership of my own store – and the headaches that go along with ownership 😅 rewarding….

Woocommerce: 1. Plenty of community plugins and support 2. Fully customisable front and back ends 3. Slow performance though. Very long time to first contentful paint

So as seen above, I tend to prefer woo but am taken aback by the performance. My question is what does an optimised woo store look like? Will it ever be able to compete with shopify? I may need cdn, optimisation etc.

My stores are niche and small, several products each, not many skus. So which would be able to serve the best performance while maintaining a good amount of customisability?

My requirements are speed, customisability and budget friendly, though I may not get all of them in reality. Just an optimal best fit line across the three would get me sufficiently satisfied.

Also, are there any alternative open source platforms with good performance? Drupal commerce? Magento? Any experiences to share with these?

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