Site Review – Backpacks, Duffels, Messengers

Hi everyone,

We launched this site one month ago and we designed it on Shopify using the Debut theme.

Our store offers canvas and heathered bags: backpacks, convertible bags, duffels, crossbody, and messengers that all include lots of internal and external pocks for organization. We will be introducing a travel category with suitcases and travel accessories in September. Our purpose is to give our customers the clarity they need while on the go. Even our smaller bags have pockets inside.

We are on Facebook, Instagram, and most recently Pinterest (still building!).

Our site has not been garnering a lot of visits in the past month. As we're continuing to learn how to generate traffic, we thought we'd ask you for your advice.

What do you think of the site? Where do you see areas that need improvement? What would you change to encourage conversion?

We would love to hear your opinions on what you believe we can improve on. Thank you in advance!


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