Children Health Supplement Start Up

Hi guys, been lurking around on this sub reddit for a while. Thanks for all the motivation!

This will be my first post on here and will basically serve as a reminder for me of where I started and what progress has been made. Also any advice/criticism will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve been working for myself basically all my adult life ( 33 years old) I’ve run and owned a couple of successful live music venues, festivals and bars. I’ve loved every second of it and the work was hard but rewarding. Needless to say the COVID pandemic has crippled those businesses almost beyond repair.

So I decided to get creative and see if I can start something new in a entirely new market. I’m a dad of a beautiful 2 year old girl and keeping her healthy became another passion of mine. The thing is there is not a lot of supplements for children available that focus on some of the main aspects of functional health, so I decided to research all the main vitamins and supplements needed for children ( 2years and up) to give them the best foundation for holistic and functional health.

Since this is not my expertise it was a daunting task but I feel that I have found a pretty well researched and formulated ingredient list. I spoke to a couple of dieticians and homeopaths and they were all pretty impressed.

After that I thought ok, now we need to create a brand around the idea. So I created a pretty decent CI ( corporate identity) for the brand and then trademarked the brand.

Since then I’ve scheduled a couple of meetings with some players in the pharmaceutical industry and have had some good feedback and potential investors came forward. I’m actually awaiting a deal structure from one of them. Fingers crossed.

I’m in the process of finding a suitable manufacturer for the product but that seems to be a more difficult task than anticipated. I am also in the process of developing a online site for the brand.

The idea is to launch online through our online shop and advertise on socials and google. And then approach big retailers to stock it as well.

Wish me luck and any advice or tips would be appreciated.

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