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Advice needed on choosing between several options.

Scenario: Chinese manufacturer would like to sell their products whose primary demand comes from the US, but also has a minority of buyers from Europe. No marketing capabilities needed as they are a well known player in the space and typically customers find them, they just want to set up a more "trustworthy" storefront. They are capable of fulfilling their own orders as well.

Originally they were thinking they'd like to be put on Amazon as they believe the typical buyer (tech developers) would trust the amazon ecosystem more than a third party Chinese site. Thus I'm considering 3 options (others are welcome)

  1. AMZ FBA: Don't think this makes sense given international clientele and the manufacturers ability to fulfill orders themselves. Customers for this product are also pretty used to long shipping times.
  2. AMZ FBM: Makes more sense if they want the trust factor, but feel like they would be getting slammed by Amazon fees and potential restrictions without getting any of the benefits of being on the amazon platform.
  3. Shopify Storefront: Makes the most sense to me from a cost/value perspective as it should be pretty easy to set up a well-designed trustworthy storefront. But with this option they might as well just modify their own website utilizing woocommerce or the Chinese equivalent.

My thinking is unless their deadest on being on Amazon, a shopify or modification to their existing site makes the most sense. Otherwise, if they insist on being on amazon. FBM makes the most sense. Would love to hear others opinions and whether there are other major benefits from being on Amazon for the manufacturer other than customer trust.

Additionally, those with experience selling tech products on amazon, any roadblocks/potential issues you wish you had known beforehand? Any advice/thoughts appreciated!

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