Is this normal – Alibaba supplier won’t give me box dimensions for shipping? I would love some advice.

Are they trying to rip me off?

I'm only ordering 12kg worth of stuff, costing $120. Originally they gave me box dimensions 43*27*21cm, and quoted me $140 for shipping (direct by courier). It's 8×30 small toy items.

Now they say it will cost $280 total shipping, and that I can increase the weight to 21kg. I feel misled, because I could've arranged shipping with a third party if they'd given this shipping price to start.

I said I would look at different shipping options, but they won't give me box dimensions, so I can't get online quotes. Is this normal? My contact said "they will understand we ship by product weight not volume".

I like this supplier but if they are screwing me around should I just cancel my order and cut my losses? Paid by Trade Assurance so I could get my money back, presumably. I'm bootstrapping hence the small initial order.

I'd love some help with this, I'm doing my best with google and research but this stuff seems really murky and confusing when you try to establish what's "normal".

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