Feedback appreciated for my new ecommerce store

Hey everyone, advice wanted – I launched my website a few months ago and have been using FB and Instagram ads, but have had a very low conversion rate. I am getting people to the homepage from the ad, but then they are not staying on my website. I am getting a small amount of subscribers every few days, but also not as much as I hoped for with the amount of money I am spending on ads. I also tried google ads for a bit with very little success, but am thinking to try google shopping, where the image of a product will show up. I am thinking to revamp my website but I am not sure where to start. I know most of the users are visiting from a mobile site (85-95%), so I am thinking to focus on the mobile version and leave the desktop site as is for now. My start out budget has been really low so I have been doing it myself and learning as I go. I am selling organic cotton aprons and have mainly been targeting the US market, engaged shoppers, with specific interests (cooking, baking, fashion, sustainable and eco fashion). I really do believe in my product, because I think there is a gap of stylish good quality aprons out there, but I am not sure where to go from here.
Any feedback on the site (especially the mobile version) or about the product descriptions etc would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

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