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Hello Reddit,

Sorry for any posting errors; I am fairly new to this.

I have a couple of questions in regard to an online store I am looking to build. I have dabbled with both woocommerce and shopify. I have heard many people recommend shopify because I know very little about coding. I really liked woocommerce with elementor but I think I am going to use shopify.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to create product tables similar to They have a table where you can choose to order one piece, a box of 100, or a bag of 1000, with a lot of different variations. I have tried researching this for a while but have had no success.
  2. Is there some sort of app that I can take products off of a certain website such as home depot and sell them on my online store? If not, would it be possible to hire someone to make one? I basically have access to a supply chain that I get hardware products for what home depot pays for them. Iv'e looked into oberlo, but that doesn't seem to work for any of the websites i want to use. Even if there was an app to speed up the process by just importing products from amazon would make my life a lot easier.

Any suggestions would mean a lot to me. Thanks!

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