Private Labeling – Looking to launch my own Private Label Product Line and have some questions

I am looking to venture into a private labeling product line of mens grooming products and have some specific questions before I jump in. Looking for people in the industry that can provide feedback:

1.) Are there any good books/sites/videos on the whole private labeling process to start out on (ideally in the beauty/skincare niche?) I have experience in dropshipping and understand most of the foundational basics in running an ecom site, but no background/experience in private label products.

2.) I am looking for suppliers I can partner with to develop a line of products in the area of men's grooming. I am finding it extremely difficult finding a reputable USA supplier that makes a high quality all-natural formula at a competitive wholesale price. Basically want a product that I can stand behind when it comes to quality. I've looked at some very successful small-business brands for inspiration/guidance on this front, but cannot find any information on where they source their products from other than it's made in the USA. There's no information on their product packaging or site. Is there a way to find this information somewhere or do most successful companies handle their own production process as well?

3.) How does one make private labeling into a dropshipping model? The way I see it is you work with a manufacturer to come up with your own unique product line and typically buy X amount of units in bulk. I anticipate starting out I'll just store/ship them out myself. When business picks up, I want to know what options are out there for expansion if I'd like to outsource the inventory and focus on the marketing/sales portion of my business. Are there companies out there I can ship my products to hold and provide clear shipping instructions to send out to customers? Basically looking for a couple USA based fulfillment centers that work with small businesses.

I appreciate any input provided, thank you!

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