An ordeal with Stripe. $33000 stuck in limbo – Part II

On August 13th, I posted about my ordeal with Stripe when they disabled my account and withdrew $12,000 from my bank account as refunds and paused all future payouts (equaling $33,000). I appealed on the same day. Two days later they responded and said it was an accident on their part and they've re-enabled my account. Here is the email they sent me.

So, I started processing again. I processed payments for another day when I realized my payouts were actually paused. What they had done was reinstated my account to process payments which lead me to believe everything is okay but never enabled the payouts.

Five days later, I'm still fighting to get my money. I've called them multiple times. I've already spent $27000 from my pocket to cover my expenses for the ads and paid the supplier. Additionally, I've missed out $20,000 – $25,000 of revenue because I'm longer running traffic.

What I like to tell Stripe is that what you are doing isn't ethically right. By denying someone their rightful earnings you have disrupted their business indefinitely and caused them mental anguish. I hope Stripe is listening and will do the right thing and fully enable the payouts asap as they promised.

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