Apparel store in the gaming niche

Hello fellow redditors!

Lately I’ve been gathering infos all about the ecommerce branch, and I have a simple question for the experts out there.

Is it legal to launch an apparel store (POD) in the gaming niche with (selfmade or outsourced) designs such as „Anor Londo Archery Club“ featuring an illustration of the arrow shooting knights of Dark Souls 1 and sell those garments? I came across a post of another redditor recently who bought said t-shirt. This raises the question of whether it is possible (=legal) to market in this niche and furthermore make money.

Thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it!

(This is by no means a promotional post, if a moderating person still thinks so, please tell me how to write it more unspecifically, thanks.)

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