I will build you a custom Shopify webshop for free

Hello, my name is Steven, 16 y/o from the Netherlands and I’m a beginning web developer and marketer. I just started an agency that helps e-commerce brand with their digital presence. Before I reach out to companies and charge them anything I first want some good case studies.

Therefore I’m looking for businesses that would like to have a custom Shopify site built for them. You won’t just get a basic shopify site, I will use my web development skills to really make your webshop stand out.

I also offer other services like social media management and Facebook ads. If you want help with these you can also hit me up. (For example I could manage your Instagram for 1 month or set up and manage your Facebook ad campaign for free)

As I said it’s all free and there is no hidden catch or downside. I don’t know if there is any interest in this but feel free to hit me up.

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