Multi Channel Fulfillment Software

Hello eCommerce community!

Wondering if anyone has a multichannel fulfillment software they love that integrates with a robust POS. Currently doing a ground up website rebuild and want to include all tools in from the beginning. This means new website, best multichannel app, with a POS/inventory system that integrates with the app as well.

Currently using Sellbrite – it is ok. Lacks some features I would like going forward, namely bundling and the ability to assign different warehouses to one SKU easier. Right now, if we have an ASIN that is both FBA and MF, we are not able to list both sets of inventory under one listing in Sellbrite, allowing us to push combined inventory/options to website. I am sure there is another work around, but it is frustrating.

Price always matter, but it doesn't matter the most. Willing to pay for a good solution that will serve us long term. So far I have looked in to ecomdash, Zoho Inventory, Zentail and probably more, bu hoping to find actual users. Appreciate any advice!

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