Is it worth paying a studio 200-300 dollars for a professional ad?

I'm currently looking at my options to advertise the products I offer on my dropshipping store. I could either make them myself (I don't really have any substantial back ground in video editing but Ive dabbled in it before. There's also the fact that softwares cost a pretty penny), there's paying someone on fiverr to make a montage of clips from around the web (which risk my ad account getting banned and isn't really honest) and finally I could pay a studio ( looks pretty interesting, 250 for a seemingly pretty decent package)

I could comfortably afford 200-300$ but what's making me hesitate is that I'm new to all this and I don't even know if the item I want to sell will actually sell. (It's nothing ground breaking, my first product will be a tiny projector)

Any insights?

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