People confusing my brand with another website

I’ve had my online shop for about 5 years. A few months ago I noticed people starting tagging my brand’s page in their IG stories saying they liked their order. In their photos, the business cards clearly have a different logo. The business name is similar though. (I don’t respond to these wrong IG tags btw.)

Idk if I’m allowed to share my brand name on here so I’ll just put an example of the close similarity:

My brand name: Handmade Pendant Shop Their brand name: Handmade Necklace Store

Just today I got someone in my chat asking about a 25% off sale they saw yesterday.

I responded with:

Hello! I’m not sure of any 25% percent discount you may have seen. The sale right now is 20% off [Category A.] [Category B] also buy 2 get 1 free right now. This current sale has been in effect for the past week.

No response.

I thought to myself “wait, they can’t possibly be talking about that other brand.” Sure enough I go to their website and there’s the 25% off sale boldly displayed on their homepage.

Does anyone know if something like this will cause problems down the road?

Their about page says they’ve been in business for about 20 years so it’s not as if they copied me. I also had never heard of them when I created my site.

I also understand that having confused people coming to my shop may seem like a potential benefit for me, but is it worth it to try to convert these people? Kinda like “I think you may have the wrong brand, but feel free to check my stuff. I have XYZ on sale right now!”

Or should I basically just be like “wrong website” 🤣

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