Help with Collection Page Design

Hi folks.

I'm currently working through some issues with our website.

We bounced back and forth between Shopify, and woo commerce (my fault completely).. and now about 6 months ago we've landed and stuck with Shopify.

So we're going through and adding more products to our site, and we're trying to get out of the realm of super super custom products. We have a few that we're happy with and will be running ads.

Before wasting a ton of money on advertisements, we want to fix our pages.

I'm asking some feedback for collection pages.

We haven't quite finished all the photos, but the idea is there.

BELTS (Soon to be)

vs (Current)

We haven't had any testing yet on the conversions for the new planned page. However we're thinking that if we condense our belt listings into buffalo vs English bridle belts then we're going to hopefully allow customers to build their own belt. Rather than get lost on the current belt page.


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