Looking for feedback on my store!

Hi! I have been working on my first online store for a few months, and finally opened it up to the public. I attempted to make facebook ads, was approved, and then was banned quickly after getting on facebook this morning while looking at my ads? Who knows what happened.. Apparently I tried to circumvent facebook in some way. Waiting on them to un-ban me. In the mean time, I have done a lot of work getting google ads/analytics set up and am currently waiting on approval for my first set of ads.

I have hired an agency to help me develop branding and other elements/content for my site. I meet with them tomorrow to get the ball rolling… finally! (It's not cheap and have had to save up but am ready now). This is all very new to me but I am having a lot of fun, and I think me enjoying the journey is what matters most.

I'd love to get some honest feedback about the way my site looks, feels, what it communicates to you, and any other HELPFUL suggestions/comments. Also looking for suggestions on approaches to ads for my niche. I understand its competitive! It's not perfect, and that is why I am coming here to solicit your feedback! Thanks 🙂

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