Thermal Printer vs No Thermal Printer for Shopify Workflow

I ship 50 parcels a month, but have some Amazon Canada affiliate $ avaiable so I am wondering if it is worth $200 to upgrade to this thermal printer:

  1. I have heard from others that you need to download label PDF's and load them in a thermal printers individual clunky software and printer them, is this true? I thought a thermal printer would speed up my processing time if anything.
  2. Can't it be as simple as I print the packing slip on normal paper via normal printer, then Ctrl+P the label and indicate the thermal printer from the list of options?
  3. To avoid the packing slip entirely, can I PRE PRINT 100 quantities of packing slips but omit the buyer name and info from it, such that they are generic and pre packable? I always include needed customs info on the CN22 form or CN23 (selling Canada to USA).

Thank you for any input on thermal printers, and my situation.

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