100 total sales later. My story so far.

I'm not the best, but i have certainly improved since last year.

Let me introduce my self, I'm a 17 year old student in my last year of high school, I have started becoming very serious at working for myself and making my own money mainly through eCommerce.

My dad and I put 250 in each in etoro to trade stocks, this totaled up to 500$. Invested in rippled, nearly got 1000k profit then it crashed and i lost $300… rip. Why? I didn't know what i was doing.

Fast forward a year later I'm 16, I started drop shipping. Here is my first post

Maybe you remembered but my god my store was terrible, the top comment said it all, their account has been deleted but thank you for your harsh feedback. $200 lost, store failed, Why? Because ALSO didn't know what i was doing, I didn't even like jewelry and i thought it was a get rich quick scheme *Boy was i wrong*

Now, at the age of 17, I had $200 in my bank, i had since been fired from 2 part time jobs, i did and course, decided to do print on demand. My friend introduced me to teespring. I found a niche i liked (meme niche), and worked like hell.

I launched my glorious t-shirt on teespring and advertised it on an Instagram account.

5$ is what i spend and i was stressing over it! I got my first sale a few hours later. Now in my last class i checked and had got my 100th sale!

The euphoria was brilliant.

I moved to shopify which has struggled a bit so my main store front is back on teespring so hopefully i can start making more of a passive income. I have also got a copy cat, quite a compliment i know.

What i'm trying to say is don't be discouraged and if your and idiot, accept it. Don't let your ego get the best of you. If you go into drop shipping or POD with this get rich quick mindset, your going to fail.

Be prepared to fight battles

Be prepared to take risk

Look failure in the eye

"hope for the best, expect the worst" -Mel Brookes

I still have a long way to go but as most of you would understand this is a big milestone for me. But if you guys do wish to ask me anything about starting i might be of help,

Here is my store

Best of luck with your ventures guys 🙂 Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

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