At what volumes do you start qualifying for discounts with shipping carriers?

Hi all, hope you're well. Started selling on eBay a few months ago and now am up to about 70 packages a day, with the majority being below 1 lb. So far have been fulfilling them all myself and printing labels directly off eBay (USPS First Class for the items below 1lb and FedEx ground for the items above 1lb) using eBay's discounted rates. Each 1 lb item has averaged out to about $5.50 to ship. I recently found out about Amazon FBA and see that their entire fulfillment fee (including shipping) for the same size item is $2.6. Obviously that's Amazon and that's due to economies of scale, but at my current volume, are there any direct discounts I can get from the carriers or 3PLs that would be lower than ebay's discounted rates? Many thanks.

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