E-commerce owners of India, skip long checkout forms…. This is for you…

  1. One fine day, you decided to set up an E-commerce website, you hired an agency to get it custom build or build it yourself using Shopify or WooCommerce.
  2. Now it is up and running, voila!!!
  3. Time to shoutout about your baby product/hand made soap/work from home shorts to the world.
  4. Put an ad on Insta, GOOGLE, Youtube and what not.
  5. Customer landed up on your website, and decided to buy your product.
  6. He add products in the cart, clicks on checkout…..and DROPS OFF !!!!!

Why the heck happened? Because of a custom form, login, address, card details, OTP…. That is such a long procedure.

So here is a solution we build for you to make it all easy for your customer, checkout Xpresslane

A one click checkout experience, skip long entry forms, filling address, card, etc. Login from XP and Voillaa!! Order is placed.

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