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My partner and I own a stationery/art brand that primarily sells small gift items such as vinyl stickers, greeting cards, enamel pins, etc. A little background, we've been in business for almost 7 years now and currently sell our products through Etsy, Amazon, Faire, and our own websites. (retail and wholesale)

We are looking for a marketing agency to help us build and maintain effective advertising campaigns, primarily focusing on increasing traffic and conversion on our retail website, but also working with Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Listings, Instagram/FB, and Pinterest. We may also be interested in copywriting and listing management.

I've done some searching and have yielded little results. If you work with or run a smaller, boutique agency that caters more towards stationery/gift/art eCommerce brands (think something like Aeolidia), please share and/or get in touch to discuss further. If you have a suggestion on any others subs to post this to, lmk. Thanks!

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