Hot Sauce brand, post-launch update! Thanks again for your help!

Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago I posted on here that I was about to launch my hot sauce brand and wanted your tips and honest opinion on my ecommerce website.

Since I received a ton of great info from you that I leveraged, I thought you might like a little update. I’m also looking for your opinion on my next steps. Here’s my website again if you want to go take a look at it:

Here’s the changes I put in place that came from this wonderful subreddit:

  • Updating the main image for a higher quality one
  • Adding lifestyle photos to my product pages
  • Adding shipping price info on announcement bar
  • Setting shipping policies
  • Moving the facebook chat button
  • Simplify the menu navigation
  • Adjusting copy
  • Changing the font to something a bit more professional

Once all that was done, I was ready to launch so I prepared a text to publish on my personal facebook and instagram pages, a more custom message for my linkedin and an official message for my brand pages and launched officially! I also set a small facebook campaign to test. Here are the results for the curious:

These are not yet impressive results but I wanted to share some of my learnings and observations.

  • As you see, that first reddit post drove a lot of traffic but no sales which was not the goal anyway.
  • On launch, the traffic spiked a bit (way less than my reddit post) but the number of sales jumped! 700$ in one day woohoo! Keep in mind that the sales were mainly people I knew one way or another. It's nice, but now I need to reach out to new people.
  • The facebook prospecting carrousel ads didn’t do any sales but a good steady traffic. I don’t think my business is at the stage to have consistent paid media right now.
  • I’m gladly surprised to see that my 2-sauces package is selling better than one hot sauce alone. This is awesome as I save on shipping and I have more revenue.

Right now, and that’s where I need your opinion, I’m looking to grow my sales and visits outside of the people I know. So here are my 3 next steps:

  1. To get the word out, I wrote to some food influencers on instagram and sent them my products.
  2. To improve my SEO ranking I will be creating a sauce recipe section
  3. To get instant feedback from people I don’t know, I’m currently in the process of getting a booth at the local city market

Please let me know what you think and if you have other suggestions. Should I do PR and if so, how? Are these the right priorities?

Overall, I’m very proud of myself and doing this is a LOT of fun. If anyone in this subreddit is thinking of starting an ecom business, I hope this will encourage you to do it. I’m not in the net positive yet but I’m learning a lot and it’s thrilling.

Thanks again for your tips and have a wonderful day!

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