Efficiency Question: Daily USPS drop-offs

I've recently brought the fulfillment of my e-commerce store "in-house" (literally, in my house) instead of using a fulfillment service. I'm shipping out between 75-200 USPS packages per day.

My process:

All envelopes/boxes are loaded into those white USPS bins (usually 5-7 bins/day).

I load them up in my van each morning and drive to the post office.

I bring them inside, one by one… this takes forever as the counter is rather far away from the doors.

Depending on who is at the counter, I'll be told the only way they will accept them is for me to manually drop each package into the slot in the lobby. Sometimes I'm able to just load them on the counter.

I've started driving to a farther away post office where the staff is more friendly and where they always accept the bins, but that ads +15 minutes to my routine. However, they almost never have additional bins to replace the ones I drop off. Meaning I have to then drive to the other post office to pick up bins.

No one is at the house during the day, and if I were to leave the packages outside for pickup they would most likely be stolen (not the best neighborhood).

I'm sure there is a better option or options. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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