Making $1,000 a month

Basically, I have some huge aspirations in a field of sports that gets pricey. I’ve been training consistently and have dedicated any moment I can to training; when I’m not, I’m researching it. I’m willing to do and plan on doing whatever it takes to be successful, but with training so often I won’t be able to have a job and train enough at the same time. I have calculated some things, and realized that I can train and survive off $1,000 a month, so this is my goal. I have $1,000 saved up to work with, and have $100 a month passively from a source I can’t disclose. I’m willing to invest any of it, and I’m willing to do any work as long as it’s not a job with set hours, as that just won’t work with my schedule. I know passive income isn’t actually passive income and I’m okay with that. Any suggestions?

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